March 20, 2008

Where is spring?

If it's the first day of spring, then why is it so flippin' windy outside

Today is my dad's 55th birthday! Happy birthday Daddy!! We took him some cake (German Chocolate, his favorite) and balloons in the hospital to celebrate.

Dad has been in the hospital since early yesterday morning. He went into the hospital because he had chest pains and passed out. When he arrived at the hospital the tests determined that he didn't have a heart attack, but they did want to put in another stent. While he was on the table getting the stent put in, he had his third heart attack in seven months. His first one was back in August, the day after my youngest sister's wedding. Since then he has had three heart attacks and six stents put in. We are all worried about him but trying to stay positive.

I babysat my little brother (he's 8) last night so Mom could stay with Dad in the hospital and Galen wouldn't stuck in a boring hospital room. Galen and Doug worked in the garage for a while and then played video games while I cleaned and did a little knitting. I hadn't knit in a while so it was very relaxing, which was just what I needed.

My people-eater still doesn't have wings...I started to cut them out yesterday and decided I'd rather do something less precise, hence the knitting. I think my next stuffie will be a ladybug with buttons for spots :)

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Petra said...

Hi Karen, my Spring Swap partner!

I just read your latest post about your Dad and I'm hoping he's doing better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Regarding the swap, I'm posting my email below and a link to my blog so you can contact me directly and we can get to know each other!

petra_fasana at

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