March 11, 2008

Uninventive Title

I always feel like I need to come up with a cute/witty title to my posts. I open up blogger to post and there it is, the subject box just leering at me. Why is that?

Can anyone recommend a good knitting podcast? I am just foraying into the world of podcasts and when I searched on itunes there are about a million of them. Any ideas?

I spent a good chunk of last week getting my yarn room reorganized and cleaned up. This is the new work area.

I moved the craft table across the room and I just love where it is now. Lots of natural light, easy access to most of my storage plus it overlooks my front yard and the road and I can watch the cars go by. I have been toying around with some ribbon and buttons...I don't really have anything in mind, but I have tons of both and thought I could make something with them.

I did pick up a fun fabric to play around with yesterday at JoAnn's.

I am going to attempt to make my very first stuffed creature. I'm not following any kind of pattern, just going to wing it. Wish me luck! I am going for a one-eyed, one-horned, flying pasiley people eater. :) If it comes out well maybe there will be more self-designed stuffies.

I also want to make more of these:

I made this felted flower from cut up strips of old sweaters that had been felted. It was super-easy and a lot of fun to make. I actually made it at a min-workshop at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last year. I've got lots of ideas for more felted flowers....I sewed a pin to the back of this one so I could attatch it to the purse of the moment or the outside of a plain coat to dress it up.

Speaking of Maryland Sheep and Wool's coming up soon (first weekend of May). Is anyone out there going or interested in going? I'm planning on going up for just Saturday. I'd love to plan to meetup with anyone who will be there or carpool with anyone local going!


pantoufle said...

Wow! Your craft room looks like a LYS. (Not that I'm commenting on the stash, I would never comment on anyone's stash.) But, in a all color coordinated,yummy, and make you want to sit down and knit way.

Robin said...

Love the craft room!! Especially that wall of yarn! I'm going to MD S&W. Can hardly wait!!!