March 15, 2008

Blog Love

I love sharing lesser-known but fabulous blogs with people who might not have come across them otherwise. I'm not sure if anyone ever follows these links (or if anyone even reads this!) but here aer some great blogs I'd like to pass along.

First up, Crystal's blog. Crystal has an shop that you should totally check out. Cute cards, gift tags, stuffed critters and so much more. Her blog features things about her every day life as well as all of her craftiness. Head over there before the 19th and participate in her Spring Swap she is hosting!

Next up, my sister just started posting again to her blog after a long blogless absence. Morgan's blog is mix of knitting and her ongoing games in World of Warcraft peppered with musings on life in general.

One of my favorite places to get recipes and sewing ideas is at One More Moore. Morgan is super creative with her recipes and makes the kinds of things you would see at upscale bakeries. I also love her aprons and other sewing things. She also has a shop that you should check out.

Lastly, this blog is pretty popular and you've probably come across it if you surf the knitblogs regularly. January One is a knitting blog with the most beautiful photography I've ever seen on a knitting blog. It probably helps that Cara is a professional photographer, but her pictures are amazing. Even if you don't knit or care about knitting blogs, you should check this blog out just for the pictures. Cara also just gave birth to her first little one, Meli, so pop over and wish her some good baby vibes.

I have a favor to ask of my readers...delurk! I'm just curious if anyone reads this, enjoys it, or has any suggestions for improvement. Please leave me a comment on this post even if it's just to let me know you are out there reading. I write this blog for myself, mostly, but I've been wondering latley if anyone else is reading. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement too, as I'd love to change things around a bit. So...leave a comment!

I have been sewing a bit the past few days. It's slow progress because I have to find stolen moments here and there, but here's what I have so far:

He is the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Paisley People Eater. Except that right now he isn't flying because he is still waiting on his wings. He also needs some stuffing, but I'll do that last. I love the eye-I used a new stitch, I think it's called the blanket stitch. I'm not sure about the mouth...truth be told, I almost left him without a mouth but then he wouldn't be a people-eater, now would he?


Diane said...

Hi Karen,
I still read your blog regularly! I have you on my bloglines. Sorry I don't comment more. Love your paisley people eater--very cute!

Coleen said...

hi Karen!
I'm here too. I'm just veeery quiet!

C said...

hi Karen...i read all the time. :) I would be happy to help with a bloggy makeover if you wanted me to. :) Have a great day!!

Redden said...

I read your blog but never comment on it. :) I like to read about your projects.

pantoufle said...

Love your paisley people eater. I want to share with you two of my favorite blog one is my upstream SP11 Pal (since you were my downstream) and the otehr is girl with a great sense of graphic design