April 28, 2007


Lots of stuff going on in the world and in my life, so in no particular order, here it is:

Thanks to all of you who wished me well on the passing of my sweet boy, King. We are all doing better. We still miss him a lot, and we will, but it helps so much to be able to speak out about it here. Thanks again.

Virginia Tech. I don't even know what I can say. I live in Charlottesville, VA, home to UVA, longstanding rival of Tech. When I graduated from high school about 30% of my graduating class went to Tech, and another 25% to UVA. As I've worked in C'ville over the years I've employed countless kids who have gone off to Tech. Virginia Tech is my extended home, even though I've never attended classes or lived there. This tragedy hit so close to home. It's not even just that though, all around me the world is falling apart. Last week in my supposedly quiet hometown there have been a string of robberies. The latest one took place at a local restaurant where the owner, a woman, was robbed. Her husband tried to intervene to help her and when he did, he was beaten to death with a baseball bat. This senseless violence is horrible. I can't even wrap my head around it. I feel like I need to do something, but what can I do? I put together some ribbons for my co-workers to wear on National Maroon and Orange Day (last friday, in case you missed it). It's small, but it's something.

Random thing number two: Maryland Sheep and Wool....who's going? My wool buddy bailed on me last minute and I'm not sure I really want to go by myself. Is anyone else going that wants to be my replacement wool buddy? I had a really good time last year but I don't really know too many people that knit with the same obsession that I do. I'd hate to miss it, but it's such a long drive to make to go alone.

Random thing number three: Knitting. I have been doing some. It's been good therapy with all the crap going on. I caught miter madness from Cara. My first square has been all about the blue tone-on-tone stripes. I had originally started this project to be a baby blanket for a friend that's due in June, but I think I've changed my mind. I was knitting the first miter the night King died, and it's what I've worked on these past few weeks as I've sat at home missing him. I think it will be my new security blanket, so to speak. I will knit miters until I don't need to anymore, and when I'm done it will be my tribute to him, in an obscure way.

I feel kind of strange, mourning for a dog this way. I feel like people were sensitive at first, but now may be thinking, get over it, he's a dog! I hope that's not how people are looking at it, but if it is they just don't understand. That dog was an everyday part of my life for the past several years. He went to bed with me every night. He was always there when I came home. There is a very distinctive hole in my life now that I need to fill. I am filling it with miters.

April 19, 2007

In Memorium

Dear King,
It has taken me some time to put down into words how I feel. The simple truth is that I miss you terribly. I miss you so much it physically hurts.

Doug (Daddy) misses you so much also, King. You know you were "his boy" and it's terrible for him. It's so sad when he comes home and you aren't there waiting with your nose pressed to the crack of the door to play. Chance, your brother, misses you too. He can't stand to be alone in the kennel anymore. We've been leaving him loose in the house when we are gone and he seems to being doing ok with that.

I wish we had seen that cat hiding under the bush. I wish we could have anticipated it running into the road. I wish the car hadn't been going to fast. I wish he would have seen you before it was too late. I wish we would have brought you in from the kennel earlier or later, just not that moment. I wish we could have changed everything about that night. I still remember every detail. It will be burned into my mind forever.

You were such a good companion, protector, and friend. You always made sure I was safe when I was home alone even though it sometimes annoyed me how you growled at every little noise, I know you were just trying to protect me. I miss the way you used to cuddle your head up in my lap when I would sit to watch tv and knit. I miss the way you were always happy to see us, even if you had done something bad and knew you would get in trouble. I miss watching you and your brother play, jumping and dancing all over each other. I'm glad we were able to provide you with such a loving home. I still remember the first day we met you at the shelter. You were so docile and playful and we knew immediately we had to bring you home.
We buried you under the dogwood tree in the backyard. We did that so you would always be a part of what you loved. You could get into your share of trouble, certainly. We loved you for it, even if it didn't seem like it at the time. Our life would have been so boring if you weren't there to fill it up. The house seems so empty now without your personality to fill it up. You brought such life and energy to every day, things seem dull without you. You and Chance were the first members of our family. We made a home together. You could diffuse an argument by being playful and making us laugh. You were there to comfort us when tragedies happened all around us. You kept us warm when we couldn't afford the heat. You were there through the good and the bad, King.
You were such an important part of lives and you will be missed terribly for the rest of our lives. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. I wish I could change what happened to you, but I wouldn't trade the five years I was blessed to know you for anything.
King, I will always think of you and I will always love you.
Karen (Mommy)

April 12, 2007

Secret Pal Package

Thank you Secret Pal! I got my package Tuesday and wowee.
This package could not have had better timing. My husband and I suffered a tremendous loss Sunday night and it's been a very hard week. I will be speaking about that in a future post. I'm just not quite ready to talk about it openly yet. Without further ado, before pictures:
See how she wrapped everything up so pretty? Yummy skittles! Look at that clipboard!! I think that is probably the coolest thing I've ever gotten in the mail....so original and made especially for me!

It might be difficult to see, but look at that pretty bracelet and matching stitch marker. The stitch marker even has a little charm that is a ball of yarn and needles. All kinds of yummy cucumber melon bath stuff, mmmmm. Also, some hand-dyed lace weight- 800+ yards. What should I make with that? And a skein of Crystal Palace cotton chenille. Yay! Thanks Secret Pal! I've already worn the bracelet a few times and have clipped my current pattern to the board.