April 12, 2007

Secret Pal Package

Thank you Secret Pal! I got my package Tuesday and wowee.
This package could not have had better timing. My husband and I suffered a tremendous loss Sunday night and it's been a very hard week. I will be speaking about that in a future post. I'm just not quite ready to talk about it openly yet. Without further ado, before pictures:
See how she wrapped everything up so pretty? Yummy skittles! Look at that clipboard!! I think that is probably the coolest thing I've ever gotten in the mail....so original and made especially for me!

It might be difficult to see, but look at that pretty bracelet and matching stitch marker. The stitch marker even has a little charm that is a ball of yarn and needles. All kinds of yummy cucumber melon bath stuff, mmmmm. Also, some hand-dyed lace weight- 800+ yards. What should I make with that? And a skein of Crystal Palace cotton chenille. Yay! Thanks Secret Pal! I've already worn the bracelet a few times and have clipped my current pattern to the board.



Anonymous said...

You welcome! I'm a crafty crafty person . . . I love to make things. I'm so sorry to read about your lose. I'm happy to know that I put a smile on your face. Sometimes I go a little overboard on my SP's but I really have a good time reading your blog and learning all about your likes and dislikes. I'm already looking at parts of the next package :) Happy Knitting your Secret Pal 10

alex said...

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