March 27, 2008

Cast On

When I need cheering up there are several things I turn to aside from my fabulous support system of friends and family. I go browse knitting books at Barnes and Noble, pick up a couple sheets of scrapbooking paper at Michael's, look through the remnants at JoAnn's...basic retail therapy. The other thing that usually cheers me up is indulging is some good old startitis. We already know that this is a personal ailment for me, but there is nothing like starting a new project. Peeling the ball band off the skein, winding it and imagining the possibilites. I love the first cast on. That's when the yarn officially goes from being just a piece of string to an actual fabric. So when I needed some cheering up earlier this week what did I do?

I cast on.

Apologies for the mega dark picture but it was super cloudy yesterday. This is going to be the Incan Pullover from the spring/summer Knit Simple. The lavendar will be the contrast collar and sleeve edge and the darker purple is the body.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and emails. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers tremendously.

P.S. Like the new blog look? I can't take any credit...this is all the handiwork of Crystal who has improved my bloggy style by 110%. Thanks Crystal!

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