May 10, 2008

Of Sheep and Wool

Ok, so I have been a HIGHLY negligent blogger, but it's not all my fault. As I've said several times before on this blog I have no internet connection at home. Well, I live across the street from an elementary school and managed to pick up on their internet connection so I've been happily clicking away on Ravelry for the past three weeks. Problem is, their connection has a bunch of firewalls so anything with "blog" in the URL is blocked. So, no blogging for me. (Also no reading a lot of your blogs....I've been missing out!) Anyhoo....last week I lost the signal. I don't know if they found me out and privatized the signal or what, but I'm back to being a mobile blogger. I know, it serves me right for being a moocher, but they didn't password protect their wireless signal either, so....

Ok, so lots of catching up to do. I acutally took a lot of pictures in the last few weeks with the intention of specific blog posts, so bear with me. This will be a long one.

A few weeks back I went to visit my sister in Farmville. I took a fantastic "Saturday Sky" picture to share.

The next Saturday that I had off I went to the Jeopardy auditions.

Sadly, I didn't make it through the first pre-test. My dad did make it through, and went on to take the 50 Q test, but didn't make it past that. Great fun though!

By the way, I just want to share....I *heart* my Garmin GPS. Does anyone else have one of these? I've been doing a lot of traveling lately and haven't gotten lost once. Great, great invention!

Last weekend I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with my sister Morgan and my friend Jessica. We had such a blast! Morgan got her first spindle and learned to spin

...we made some felted flowers, just like last year.......went to the Ravelry meet-up and saw some fab bloggers.........and drank some homemade soda (veeeery sweet, couldn't drink the whole thing).........and of course, bought yarn! Here's my haul:That's two skeins of 100% wool (greens) intended for some felting, the blue on the left is intended for a small lace stole, the purple/blue is sock yarn, the brownish-green next to it is a frogged Eddie Bauer sweater that I am undecided what to do with, and the blue/green at the bottom is for a lace shawl.

I have a question for any knit-bloggers out do you feel about meeting bloggers in real life? I find it to be a very awkward situation. Especially if I don't comment very often, but always read the blog. I feel a little like a stalker. What do you say when you go to a blog meetup at a festival? "Hello, I read your blog and know all about your life, but you have no idea who I am?" Even if I comment now and then I feel like an intruder if they don't know me. If we read each other's blogs and know that we are both going to the festival and have even mentioned meeting up, that's one thing. But what if you see a blogger that you read a lot? Do you say hello? Maybe it's just me. Any thoughts? I would love to see if anyone else feels this way.

Whew! If anyone needs me, I will be doing this on my back porch for the rest of the weekend.


Krista said...

I got a Garmin GPS back in March. I was so excited to use it (even though I don't need it to get around Cville). I thought I'd plug in "Panera" on my drive to knit night. It wasn't even on there! The maps are 3 years out of date! We called Garmin and we do in fact have the latest software, but needless to say, I was dissapointed! But I am moving to a place where I will need it and I am hoping what I need is on the GPS!

Sarah said...

It was great to see you at Maryland! I rarely leave comments on the blogs I read so I know that most bloggers don't "know" me, so I do usually hesitate to approach someone - but when I do I don't usually regret it!