April 12, 2008

Late Night JoAnn's trips....

....are the best. There is hardly anyone there and look at what I scored!

The bright floral is almost a whole yard. I'm not sure about this, but I think I might be able to squeeze a skirt out of it. And the blue...that is a lovely jacquard print that I'm thinking will be a pretty coin purse

And this purchase was an amazing find.

This was in the clearance bin in the back-the only one like it. I got it for a mere dollar. (Originally priced 10.99) It's a hard case for storing knitting notions such as stitch markers, tape measure, etc. This particular model is specifically designed to be the right size to hold DPN's as well. I might hold onto this to send in a swap or as a gifty item.
I am in Farmville at my sister's today for a visit. I *sorta* taught her to knit...as best as a righty can teach a lefty to knit. She learned the rest from a book specially designed for lefty knitting. I took a few unfinished projects with me with the hope that a solid day of knitting might turn out some finished objects. My nephew immediately started digging through my bag in search of presents. I did bring him a coloring book and a box of crayons, but he was most interested in this project.

I told him it was a skiing headband and he immediately yanked it onto his head. He is a very good poser of pictures. I asked him to tilt his head down so I could see the pattern.I think it looks much prettier on him that it would on me, what do you think? He was super cute-when I snapped the pictures he said "Pleeease!" instead of cheese.

We then headed out to Charley's for lunch- a local restaurant with an amazing menu and wonderful scenery. It is set right on the bend of the river and has a great atmosphere. I learned that if you are going to feed a toddler chocolate sauce you might want to forego the yellow shirt. But that's why they invented Tide-to-Go pens, right?

Got to go....hopefully I will get some knitting done today :)


C said...

Your knitting talent amazes me...I tried to make socks once...not for me...if you ever go nuts and make an extra pair... :) I'm sure I could find a home for them. :)

Marion said...

I just found your blog. I really like the item you found at JoAnn's to put your DPN's in. I have been on the lookout for something similiar. I've been using a little zipper bag that is really not big enough.

Also love the picture of Chance. We have 2 pitbulls. They are the greatest dogs. Wouldn't have any other dog.