April 7, 2008


Today I made an astounding discovery.

Hand-knit socks are the best thing ever!

Ok, ok...I've known for a while how comfy handknit socks are. I have knit a few pairs (3 and half to be exact) and I wear them occasionally around the house. However today, I wore some with shoes to work for the very first time. I've never done it before because I thought they would be too thick to be wearing when I am on my feet all day. Plus, I worried about the rough wear and tear on my precious handknits. Call me crazy but after all the time invested in a handknit piece I only want to wear it for a special occasion.

Wrong! They were wonderful! I want to only wear handknit socks forever!

I knit these socks last summer. The yarn weight is actually more like a lightweight DK than the usual sock-weight yarn I prefer, but I couldn't resist the colors. I love the way the yellow transitions from a sunshine yellow, to a creamy yellow, to a buttery yellow. I love yellow. I believe the yarn is Artyarns Supermerino 6. They make a lighter weight yarn that is probably more suitable to socks, but this worked out just fine for me. I believe I used a US 4 on these socks.

I have discovered a network near my house that I can get on if I sit on my bed at a certain angle with the computer slightly tilted on my lap as long as I am patient with the signal coming and going. So for the past two days I have been absorbed in Ravelry, blogging, and general internet surfing. I know I am overusing the internet at this point, but I am so deprived! It's so nice to be able to check my email without driving all the way to Panera!! Ok, back to ravelry.

BTW....if anyone who reads this happens to be on ravelry, come say hello. My username is knittykaren.

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