June 28, 2007


There's this reggae song I like called "Badness" by One Blood, a no-has-heard-of-them band that Doug and I found when we were in Jamaica. I love the rhythm and melody of the song, and they lyrics are "badness is madness" for the chorus, which always leaves me wondering, what does that make goodness? It probably is surprises like packages in the mail and big things showing up on your back deck.....allow me to explain.....

Last week there was a lot of hush, hush phone calls and secret errands going on around my house. I was in the know enough to realize that I wasn't allowed to know. Monday I found my deck in the process of being stained.

Hmmm...I though. Yes it badly needed it, but why wasn't I hearing about it?

Tuesday night I came home to find a monstrosity of an object in the corner. What's that?

I lifted the cover to find.....

My very own hot tub! Turns out Doug's boss was getting rid of it and the timing was right. It was apparently quite an ordeal to get to our house though. It involved the use of a crane to remove it from it's prior resting spot, borrowing a flatbed trailer from a friendly mechanic and a late night ride out to the country to get a truck big enough to pull the trailer. All that and about nine guys to lift it onto my back deck, and they could have used more. I am so surprised and will spend a lot of time soaking in it, I'm sure. I just have to figure out how I can sit it in and knit without the knitting getting wet.

I had to go out of town last week as well, so I wasn't home when my last SP package arrived. I loooooved it! Thanks so much SP! My spoiler this round was Pennie. This time she sent me a little bit of wool for needle felting (are you reading my mind? I have been wanting to try that.) some super pretty cotton and a cute keychain that she made. I loved this round of SP, and my pal was so awesome. In each package she sent there was always something handmade! Thanks Pennie!

Thanks again Pennie! I love love love all the stuff you sent and I'll be sure to post pics of stuff as I make it. I'll have to postpone the birthday meme until next time, it's getting late here and I need to go take care of some things.

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Robin said...

Love the hot tub, and glad SP went well for you this round! SP11 signups are going on now - I just signed up as a participant again.