July 11, 2007

July is for outdoors!

Happy Belated 4th of July everyone! We had a big time here in VA. My grandparents are in the state for the summer so they came out to celebrate the 4th with us. A whole bunch of us (Doug's parents, my Mom and brother, another couple we are friends with, and my grandparents to be exact) went to James River State Park to go kayaking and have a picnic.

That's post-picnic when we were in a hot-dog and hamburger-induced haze. There was bocce ball, football tossing, and of course the kayaking.

Afterwards, people started to trail off and head home for their own fireworks displays (fireworks are not allowed at the park and Doug and I were making it an overnight camping trip). Grandpa and Galen settled down to get to the real deal-fishing.

They hadn't been set up for more than a few minutes than we heard excited yelping and hollering. We hurried over to the river bank to see what all the fuss was about and lo and behold....

That's one proud fisherman. It was a great day.
In knitting news I am plugging away at my sockapalooza socks. I am a little worried. They are supposed to be mailed out by Aug 2nd and I'm still finishing up the first one. I never have been that good at deadline knitting....
Unrelated: A pit bull can do a lot of damage to your home in a few hours, even if you pick everything up you think he can possibly get into. This is what my ceiling looked like when I cam home from yard sales on Saturday morning. I'd only been gone about 2 hours.

That substance covering my very hard-to-clean textured ceiling is soda. Dark sticky non-diet soda. Apparently I failed to pick up the 2L of Dr. Pepper and it became a soccer ball for him. I can only imagine that he rolled it all around the floor and attacked it and had a blast until it started attacking him back. It must have scared the crap out of him because he had no soda on him at all, indicating he must have hid from the spitting soccer ball that doused my entire living room with soda. No lie....it was covering 2 entire walls, the back of the door, the tv, and as you can see, the ceiling. Whew! That was one looong clean-up job. Yuck.

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