October 7, 2006

Remote blogging

I'm remote blogging from mom's today, so I should keep it pretty short. I still have no picture of the finished Green Gable, due to craptastic weather and poor lighting. We needed the rain, but I haven't seen sunshine in about three days.

Not much knitting has been going on due to a little injury I sustained at work last Friday.

This picture was actually taken a few days after the injury occured, but can you see it? On my middle finger, the skin is an alarming shade of pink compared to the normal skin around it. I burned myself pouring coffee. Ouch. They had to send me to prompt care and everything.

I was really bummed because that day I received this package from my Knitflix pal, Melanie. (Sorry no link Melanie, I left your blog addy on my desk at home.)

*Not pictured-the movie: Bell, Book, and Candle which was in my dvd player and the kettle corn that was in the microwave.* Check out those dishcloths! I love them both so much, I'm afraid to use them! And look at the cute scrapbooking goodies. The yarn she sent is Wool-Ease sportweight in a lovely heathered green intended to make Branching Out from knitting. I was so excited to try that pattern that I cast on, despite my injury. Has anyone had any experience with blocking this yarn? It's 20% wool, 80% acrylic.

I apologize for the picture quality. After I did a few repeats the drag of the yarn across my burn was a little too much to take. I'm really digging this pattern though, and can't wait to finish it. I think this might be a Christmas present for my mother-in-law (she doesn't read the blog).

I have been partaking in another activity that doesn't affect my burned hand. Three of my friends and I have joined a bowling league. None of us have ever bowled in a league before, and I had no idea that it lasts so long-33 weeks! We are having a blast though, and have already seen improvement in our game.


teabird17 said...

Ow OW Ow, Karen! That looks awful. I hope it heals soon - it's hard to imagine wool against a burn.

I knew the yarn would be perfect for Branching Out - what a lovely pattern, and what lovely knitting. I'll be looking forward to seeing it completed.

I'm so glad you enjoyed your gifts. Please use the cloths!

Jennifer said...

Fun Knitflix package! Melanie is the best.

You can wet block wool-ease. Don't expect as much stretch as a wool yarn though.

Kim said...

Goodness, I hate bowling. I am unbelievably bad at it! Bumper-bowling, though, that is a good time!

I love Branching Out. It is just a fun knit! Susan, who designed it, is such a good soul in person, too! She's lovely.

Theresa said...

Ouch! Hand/wrist injuries that prevent knitting are so sad. My wrist is currently swollen and preventing any knitting. But I have so many projects I want to work on! :)

The scarf is beautiful. I really like the pattern.