October 9, 2006

I resolve

....to post more often! I just looked back through my archives and realized that I used to post on average 7-8 times per month, but during the months of August and September I only posted twice per month! I didn't knit very much during those months, and August is when we really started making some changes to our new home, but I certainly still read blogs and "lurked". I know I love to get comments on my blog, and you only get comments if you post regularly. So I resolve to post one or two times per week. I also resolve to comment on other people's blogs more regularly instead of lurking. How many lurkers do I have I wonder? Are you out there?

No pictures today, I'm still remote blogging. Something is wrong with my internet at home, so I'm at mom's again. It probably won't be repaired for about a week or two, but that won't stop me from posting. No new progress on the knitting front though, so no worries, you aren't missing anything. More posts coming soon!


Coleen said...

lurk, lurk, lurk! :)

maylin said...

I was lurking, now I'm commenting.