February 8, 2006

T minus 2 days

I can not wait for the Knitting Olympics! It is unbelievable how huge this is getting. The Yarn Harlot has terminated the sign-up period and is still adding to the list. At present time we total about 3300 people, and counting! Unbelievable! So, I swatched, cleaned out my knitting basket, and set up for Tubey. Here she is, pre-olympics, just waiting to be gently coaxed into tubes of stockinette and ribbing. Now, all I have to do is wait. I've been knitting a little though, although I can't stay focused because I can't wait for Friday. Here's what I've been working on: The first one is a scarf for me. I can't remember the last time I knit myself a scarf. I have about a bazillion of them from when I first started knitting, but I realized I didn't have anything neutral or dressy, so I decided to make just that. The yarn is from JoAnn's, but I can't remember what it is. It has a slight shimmer to it, but not sparkle, and it's off-white. The pattern is just something I got from one of my pattern books. So simple. It's called a 'cluster rib'. The first row is p1, (k2, p1) repeat parenthesis till end. Then the second row is k1, yo, k2, pass yarn over the two knit stitches (sorry, don't know how to abbreiviate that) then repeat till end. Here is my other WIP (work in progress) . This was at one time destined to be a sort of stole for my MIL, but I don't think it will ever be finished. In truth, I cast this on when I was bored with other projects that I was working on and I wanted to practice cables. There you have it, my first cable project. What I'd really like to do with it is make into some kind of garment. The color is really pretty, white with a little sparkle thread, reminds me of fresh snow. It'd be really cute as a sweater, but I have no idea how to take what is essentially a rectangle and make it into something useful. Until then, it sits with all of my other UFO's in rotation, getting a little love now and then.

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