February 9, 2008


I had intended on posting today. A good hearty post with knitting content and everything. Then I caught whatever ugly virus has been floating around work the past few weeks. And when I say I caught it, I mean I caught it. I hardly ever get sick, so when I do not only am I a giant baby about it, but it is crippling. This is no slight case of the sniffles or some mild coughing. This is lay in an ice bath to bring your temperature down from 103.2 kind of crippling. This is can't take two steps without getting so dizzy you think you might pass out crippling. I left work early both yesterday and today, which I can't stand because we are so short, but I literally had no other choice. I went to a doctor today and all they were able to offer me was Tylenol to keep my fever down and the tried and true "plenty of fluids and rest" line. Ugh.
Well, back to my warm spot on the couch....I'm dizzy.

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