February 17, 2008

A different kind of stitching...

Is it just me or is quilting taking over a lot of knitting blogs as of late? Some of my favorite blogs have started featuring sewing on their blogs, some more than others. I have dabbled in quilting a little here and there, but have no finished projects to show for it. (Unless you count my modest wall hanging I completed in a class...I'll try to remember to take a pic sometime.) A few years ago I picked up some Block of the Month kits from a chain fabric store. I love these because the pieces are all pre-cut. I hate cutting...I'm not an exact person by any means and having to be exact to the 1/16th of an inch isn't my cup of tea. I'm more of the if it doesn't work go with it variety...you can tell it in my seams. So these blocks are all from those kits...I've only gotten three months' worth done, nine to go plus sewing them all together and then the actual "quilting" process.

Here is my only finished quilt top. There's a secret to this one...see if you can spot it.See the center panel? Looks like I spent an awfully long time piecing little nine-patch blocks and mixing them up with preprinted blocks, right? Nope...the whole center thing is one panel of fabric. All I did was add a small inner border and then a large outer border. Simple, quick, easy, functional: the names of the game. This just has to be basted and quilted. I am going to try to get it basted today, and I want to try hand quilting this one. It's not quite twin-sized...it's more like a lap/couch sized.

Just for your enjoyment: Last night I went out karaoke-singing with some friends. My friend Stacy and I pretty much dominated the stage, we were up there about every third song or so...I sang "Suds in the Bucket"-Sara Evans; "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under"-Shania Twain; "Shoop"-Salt'n'Pepa (that one was a lot of fun...it's the picture below of the four of us-we got the whole bar dancing and on their feet!); "Baby, Now That I've Found You"-Allison Krauss; "Don't Stop Believin"-Journey; "Whiskey Lullaby"-Allison Krauss and Brad Paisley (photo below); and "I Think We're Alone Now"-Tiffany. I know, quite the mix, right? Karaoke is my new favorite thing to do...I'm always a little nervous at first then you realize you probably won't see any of these people again and who cares what they think anyway? Plus, there is always the teensy chance that I'll get "discovered" one night by some megawatt talent scout, right?

If you live locally you should come check it out one night....Lazy Parrot every Saturday night (up in Pantops Center near the Food Lion). We are going again on Mar 1...come sing!

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