February 29, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days? Nothing noteworthy happened to put me in a bad mood. But I'm just not really feeling all that right with the world, if that makes sense. I saw a woman run a stop sign today and I got unreasonably upset about it. As in, the thought crossed my mind to pull her over and give her a toungue-lashing for being so careless in an area where there are so many pedestrians, many of them children. So, not one of my more rational moments. How could I have I really pulled her over, anyway? Not to mention I hate confrontation, so where would this well of sudden courage come from?

I have no new pictures to share. I have been working on reorganizing the yarn room though. I got some more shelving to keep things a little more in order and a new TV (Thanks hubby!) to hang on the wall. I really want to make some curtains for that room...I just can't seem to find the right fabric to match the theme and colors of the room.

I'm going to my sister's house tomorrow...she has new knitting to share, maybe I will post some pictures here when I get back since I have nothing new to report.

Like I said....blah.

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