September 24, 2007

Back from vacay!

::Yawn:: What a relaxing week of laying on the beach and sunning myself with gentle breezes and palm trees.

Just kidding!

Doug and I took the week off to work on the kitchen. We discovered a *ahem* small water issue under the sink and set to fixing it. First we had to tear up all the damaged and moldy cabinents, walls, and floor. On day two of our vacation my kitchen looked like this:

Throughout the week we have installed floors, drywall, fixed the leak, and painted. Still to go....installing the cabinents and counters and then moving all my kitchen things back into the kitchen and out of the living room. Seriously, even my fridge is in the living room.

I say "we" but I didn't do that much. It was mostly Doug and his dad doing all the work, while my mom, Doug's mom and I went upstairs to the yarn room to craft and be yarny.

Kathy (my MIL) and I worked on our ongoing quilt for a while before my mom made me own up to all my WIPs. I guiltily pulled each item one by one out of the basket offering meek explanations on whe each one was still unfinished. Mom was ruthless and gave me goals and even took home items that were a lot cause to frog herself because I couldn't bear to do it, namely my lone jaywalker sock in my own hand-dyed yarn that is just a hair too tight to fit over my instep. She also took to frogging a tank top that I had started before I knew better than to knit with yucky acrylic and a blanket square in an intarsia pattern that wasn't ment to be. We decided that I must finish my Fetching mitts for my sister for a Christmas present and the lone fair isle mitten that is almost done but too small for anyone will be a wall decoration/Christmas ornament.

So....since I have all these WIP dredged up again and now they have intended recipients and deadlines (Christmas mostly) do I work on them? Nope. I have rediscovered mitered squares. Over the course of my vacation I knit 5 individual miters. First I finished the brown background ones.

Then I started some with a navy background.

(Not pictured is a navy/light pink I finished on the last day)

Then, I apparently got a wild hair up my you-know-what and went on a breif seaming streak.

Seriously, who gets the desire to seam?? Now, before I start getting tons of parcels from you all with pieces needing to get seamed, hold your horses. I suck at seaming. I guess as I seam up all these miters I will get better. I think I will practice some more though, because I just have the two fronts left to knit of Central Park and it's looking like the most wearable knit ever. I would hate to screw that all up with some wonky seams.

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