February 24, 2007


I am such a craft junkie. I switch crafts as easily as I change my nail polish and you never know when I will get the desire to craft. right. this. minute. So....it's no surprise that a Saturday off with no plan in mind and just aimless wandering would lead to this:

which hopefuly will be turning into this sometime this weekend. I have enough to do aprons. The milk print (second from the right) is what started it all. I think it is way too cute. The fabric store we went to is having an entire store 50% off sale the first week of April, so stay tuned for an expanding fabric stash in the near future. If you live anywhere near Charlotesville, check it out, they said they have people come from all over for their "famous" sale. Sounds like a party to me! (The store is called Valley Fabrics in Stuarts Draft.)

I know that this is really a knitting blog though, so lest you think I've abandoned the pointy sticks altogether....

One more completed Christmas knit! These are the legwarmers from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". Now, I have a disclaimer about these legwarmers. They are in the two-hour to four-hour chapter. I definitely worked on these way longer than four hours. I'm not exactly a slow knitter, either. Has anyone else knit anything out of that book and have any comments on how long it took them to knit the item vs. how long the book said it should take? I was a little miffed and now I'm a little weary of trying anything else that is supposed to be a "quick knit".

PS. Mom, I swear I am almost done with your Christmas present...hang in there, you are such a good sport! You will be getting a little something extra to commend your patience!

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Jennifer said...

Such cute fabrics! I've been sewing a bit lately too. It's fun!