June 22, 2006

Do you smell smoke?

....because I've been exercising my brain muscle. So, there are all these cool swaps out there and I marvel at how these wonderful people come up with these super awesome swaps. I want to be one of these geniuses! I've been pondering and thinking and churning up ideas for a few days, and I think I've found a winner. I need some input though, you guys tell me what you think.

What would you say to doing a Flip Flop Swap? My idea kinda goes like this: a very short swap period, maybe one month, to ensure that the recipient can use the flip flops before the end of the summer, prices can be whatever you want them to be, but preferrably in the $5-$25 range. I don't want it to be a totally overboard kind of thing so no one feels any pressure to send a huge package of goodies. In addition to the flip flops, you could throw in anything summer-y to go along with it that you wanted. My ideas would be toenail polish, for that fab summer pedicure, a fun beach-y trashy book, a beach towel, flip flop socks (like from the books Not Socks, and Not More Socks), a cute anklet, etc. Does anyone have any interest in participating, or any suggestions to make this swap a winner? If there is enough interest I could set up a whole blog for it, with rules and such, but I'd prefer it to be kinda low-maitenence and short time period.

Whaddya think?

ETA: I've been brainstorming even more and thought-you could even make the flip flops. There are generic rubber ones and cute embellishments at Michael's and other craft stores. Also, would anyone prefer this to be secret or non-secret? Non-secret is certainly easier, but I know secret is more fun. I like a mystery. :) I'm really starting to like this idea....


Jennifer said...

That sounds like a great idea! Keep the timeline super short. Even two weeks is probably fine. You know, you can set up this swap through www.swap-bot.com. The computer makes the matches and follows up with people. It's a no stress way to moderate a swap. I'm at the end of moderating a swap, and I can tell you it's a lot of work.

By the way, you haven't sent the June PS yarn yet, right? I'm just checking as I hope it hasn't gotten lost in the mail if you have.

head of the table said...

I am all over this. I threw out my only pair of flip flops before we moved and can't bring myself to buy another pair. And the idea of picking a pair and other summer goodness for a stranger, who could resist?

Lolly said...

I *love* the idea, Karen! I have about a million pair of flip flops, but goodness me, I need some more! This is great :) I am in! (especially since Old Navy has all of the cute flip flops for 2 for $5.00!)

This is the perfect season for it!

Let me know if you want some help with it! I will be back in town next week and would be happy to help ;)

Kelly said...

What I cool idea! I'd totally be in to it.