June 28, 2006


Last night I went with Beth to a Knit Nite at the Yarn Lounge in Richmond. We went primarily so Beth could get some expert advice on what was going on with her sweater she's been knitting. I wish I could help, but the sweater has a lace motif and I'm not familiar at all with lace. One of the employees looked at it for a while and tried to figure it out and the conclusion was to rip. The sweater starts with a few inches of ribbing, so we decided to rip back to the ribbing. I offered to thread a needle through the beginning of the 122 stitches of ribbing as a lifeline.

While I did that, Beth learned how to knit on double-pointed needles. She worked on my sock for me for a little bit while I did the deconstruction of her sweater. There were two other women at our table (Hi Susan! Hi Audrey!) who gasped when I started to rip out the inches and inches of lace. I have to admit, I've never ripped back that much work before, and it stung even me, and I didn't even knit it, but Beth had a point when she said if she was going to put that much work into it, she'd rather it be right. She is more courageous than I am.

In other news, I'm chugging right along with the Summer of Socks. Exhibit A: one pair, a few rows from completion.

I chose my first socks to be ankle socks. My husband was teasing me, saying I was making them anklets so they'd be done faster. Not true! In the summer, if I'm going to wear socks, I prefer short ones. In the winter I'm all about the knee socks. Makes sense, right?

The Flip Flop Swap and all the details will be announced soon, just trying to get the details worked out. I think this will be a really fun swap! Stay tuned :)


beth said...

I see you've been busy on your day off...let's go to Joann's and get some ribbon for those bad boys!

Bossygirl said...

I love that butter yellow yarn you are using on your socks! Yum!!!