April 10, 2006

Weekend Recap

Hello everybody! I bet you thought I'd disappeared into the horrendously unorganized pile of yarn that I displayed last time! I actually went out and got some plastic storage boxes on Friday night and divided up all my yarn (acrylic and non-acrylic) to organize. I came up with two 56-qt tubs of acrylic, a huge basket with my WIP's and all of my eyelash yarn (like Fun Fur and cheap-o Target yarn), and one measly little halfway filled 56-qt tub with all the "good" stuff (like anything non-acrylic or the expensive stuff from actual yarn stores). Sorry no pictures of the organized yarn, I was too excited about getting it under control. I have a question for all you former acrylic knitters out there....what did you do with your acrylic once you saw the light? I was a yarnaholic way before I was a yarn snob and unfortunately that resulted in me buying a lot of crappy yarn that I will probably never use. (I'm talking Red Heart Super Saver here people.) Beth was trying to convince me to part with it because I will feel refreshed, but I can't seem to let go...I mean, yarn is yarn, right? Any suggestions on what I should do with it? Or is there some wonderful knitter out there who is allergic to all natural fibers and only wants to knit with acrylic that wants to swap out some "good" stuff for my cast-offs? Tee-hee!

I did manage to score some new yarn this weekend. Beth and I had another one of our weekend yarn trips, but this one was multi-purposed. We drove up to DC on Saturday evening and caught Knit Happens in Alexandria just before closing time. I purchased some Koigu (finally!) in a lovely muted greens and blues colorway and a cute sheep measuring tape. Beth got a skein of Synchronicity but was really lusting after a bunch of some beautiful sproingy yarn (forgot the name) but decided against it. Later that knight we went to the airport to pick up her mom who just flew in from Oregon. On Sunday it was time to conquest another store so we went to Stitch DC, the Capitol Hill location. I got two balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze. I've been wanting to try my hand at a mohair lace stole or shawl of some kind, something that would be perfect for spring. I was inspired by the River stole that Estee made awhile back and thought that would be great. Beth got 5 balls of the most beautiful green varigated yarn I have ever seen. I'm so jealous of that yarn, I can't wait to see what she does with it. Then it was off to the Festival Knit that Lolly put together.
That's Lolly and the Knitting Nurse behind her. I didn't catch the Nurse's name, but she came from Ohio for the Festival and the knitting. That's Sarah, working on her Bed and Breakfast sweater...check out those cables! I'm in awe..can't wait to see how it comes out. Also check out her Project Spectrum pants, very stylin'!
Finally, that's Beth and me, trying to knit fast to keep our fingers warm. There were a few other knitters (three, I think-Holly, Becca, and Coleen) that I didn't get good pictures of, but there are more pics on Lolly's blog. Beth and her mom hung out for a bit then went to check out some monuments and walk around. I stayed and knit a while longer, then joined them. It was so cool to meet these wonderful women in person and see their fantastic knitting up close and personal! I can't wait to go to MDS&W and spend even more time getting to know them. Thanks ladies, for a wonderful time! Once I met up with Beth and her mom, we saw what was left of the cherry blossoms along the river and I got a few good pictures. I'll try to post some more next time, but for now I'll leave you with this picture to demonstrate the persistent wind we were fighting all day.
Check out those flags, snapping in the wind! What a beautiful display! I wish all of you could have been at the knit, but I'm sure I'll meet even more people at sheep & wool! Can't wait!


Coleen said...

Hi Karen!
Just wanted to say it was nice to meet you on Sunday! Despite the wind, it was a great day. Maybe I'll see you at MS&W!

Sarah said...

It was great to meet you, too! Glad you could come hang out. Sheep & Wool will be SO fun!

beth said...

wanna be the papa, you can be the mom...OH oh