April 21, 2006

Ribbit (or why you should ALWAYS check your guage)

This is a sock. I have to clarify that because had I not told you it was a sock, you might believe it was a sleeping bag for small children, just sock-shaped. I got a little bored this week with my hubby's sock and decided that I needed sunny socks since it's been so rainy and yucky lately. I also was excited to try toe-up socks and had found a fantastic worsted-weight toe-up pattern for beginners. So I pulled out some beautiful ArtYarns merino superwash in a sunny (Project Spectrum-friendly) color and cast on. I love making socks with worsted weight yarn-so fast and instant gratification. Unfortunately, I failed to guage before I made the sock. I know what you're thinking, I deserved it. You are probably right, the knitting gods are against me for not checking me guage. Anyhoo, as I turned the heel I thought they looked a little big but I could give them to my mom for mother's day since her feet are bigger than mine. As I started up the leg I thought they might not fit my mom, and maybe they'd work for a friend. As I started the ribbing at the top of the sock I thought that maybe Doug would wear some pretty yellow socks. Finally I took the sock of the needles and put it on Doug's foot. Yep, perfect fit. Call me selfish, but I don't think this yarn is destined to be Doug socks. It's not a color he would ever wear and besides that this yarn is calling to me-but I can't stand the thought of ripping work out, so I started thinking about experimenting with Kool-aid to come up with a similar colorway. But then I thought even if I manage to match the yarn I will NEVER be motivated to do a second giant sock that he will never wear. So I was all determined to rip it out and start over. Today when I got home from work, what did I find waiting for me? My sock yarn pal sent me sock yarn in almost the exact same colors as this yarn that is calling to me! I love these colors! I can't tell you how excited I am, no Kool-aid experimenting needed, I have the answer. Only one question remains-what do I do with this sock? Should I rip it out and save it for another pair? Should I trudge through another sock and Doug and I could be sock twinsies? (Note: when I say trudge please understand that this one sock only actually took 2 days of dedicated knitting, so trudge isn't exactly accurate) I don't know what to do!

In the meantime, I cast on for something different. My friend Shining (whose wedding I'm in next weekend) just announced that she will be having a girl! I'm very excited because lately everyone I know who's been expecting has been having boys. Pink yarn! Woo-hoo! I don't have a picture and I'm not sure if I should post one because I'm not sure if she reads this blog, but I don't think so. Shining, if you're out there-show yourself! I'm knitting a blanket of sorts, but until I'm sure it's safe, I'm hestiant to reveal more. After my snafu with guage on the sock I decided I'd do a swatch for the blanket. It also involves a pattern I've never done before and I wanted to practice. I think I might use different yarn than what I have. I was trying to stash-bust but what I have just didn't do the pattern justice. No matter, Beth and I are going to knit this weekend and I'm sure it wouldn't take too much convincing to get her to a yarn store. ;-)

By the way, I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments last post. I never know if anyone actually reads this thing (other than the people that I force to read it-tee hee!) and I heard from some of you that I haven't before. Part of the reason I started this blog was to find a community of knitters and yarnaholics that I could relate to-and it's amazing what a strong community knitty blogland is. I just think it's so neat that there are people out there all over the world making the same things and communicating about them and sharing. Ok, that was such an "it's a small world afterall" moment. I've been seeing a lot of contests on the blogs lately (none that I've won yet-pout pout) but I'm pondering having a contest of my very own, with a skein of my hand-dyed as the prize (but not the Seafoam-I've decided that's for me). Speaking of my own hand-dyed yarn, I think that my pal received my April yarn, so here's a pic:
The orange looks pretty red in this picture, but it's acutally a bright candy-colored orange. Just another example of my incredible dyeing skills (just kiddding). I have really gotten into this dyeing thing. I'd love to have some sorte of contest, but I have to cook up the theme of the contest though, so stay tuned.


trek said...

Wow, sorry about the giant sock - at least if you frog it, you get the pretty yarn back for something else. And what a lovely pal to send you more of a similar yarn!

Beth said...

i beg to differ, i'm no yarn store ho. i'm selective with yarn stores. i'm aloof. but more than either of those, i'm broke. so...knitting in the park still good??

Coleen said...

ooooh! I really like that yellow and candy orange yarn you dyed. Nice job!

Zarah said...

All that yellow yarn is making me want to cast on some socks with my yarn swap yarn! I'd certainly be up for a contest if you're having one!

Anonymous said...

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