January 25, 2008

The Solution

Every year around Christmas-time my blood pressure shoots through the roof. Granted, I work in retail and that would be enough to drive anyone crazy at that time of year, but it's also the crafty-crazy that circulates the blogs in December.
It usually goes a little something like this:
"Ok, nothing huge this year....just a pair of socks for mom and maybe some washcloths for my MIL."
"wow, that's cute and it would be perfect for my sister..."
"Hm....my grandmother would absolutely love that one..."
"I love that sweater....I wonder if I could memorize that cable pattern..."
"Yes! I could totally spin my own yarn, dye it, design my own pattern, and knit a gorgeous shawl for each of my female relatives!"

Yet I repeat the pattern each year. Even if I have sworn to tone it down, or even do no handknits I find things that people would just *love*. Like this past year I played it all high and mighty with the "no handknits" attitude, but secretly I was lusting after making matching sweaters, socks, and hats for each family member and their dogs.

This year, though....this year will be different. Why? Why when year after year of failures I believe I can make it work this time?

Because it's still January!

I just found this awesome website knit-a-long so I won't end up with the same problems this year. (Thanks for the link Jennifer!) You write a craft list each month for the gifts you want to complete that month and then it holds you accountable for them by offering prizes to those who complete their lists, etc. They are still accepting sign-ups and it's totally worth checking out.
Now, because any post with pictures is boring....
These mittens are now on the back burner but I am loving fair isle!

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