November 8, 2007

Knitting again

I have been knitting again finally. I recently went through a spell where it was difficult to get my hands motivated to knit. It happens every once in a while...usually on the heels of a particularly productive knitting spell. So I cast on for some socks....a little late for Soctoberfest, but what the hey.
These have no intended recipient as of yet, but Christmas is a-coming so we'll see. I'm trying to trick myself into some Christmas knitting this year. When I put a deadline on things they tend to fall to the bottom of the basket, so this year I am "just knitting" and if stuff is done by christmas, then Yay! If not, then oh well.

I did pick up a really really cool Denise Schmidt quilt book on Friday with some cute gift ideas in it. I love these "Dis-Cards". They are really simple and relatively quick to make. I think I will make a few sets of them for stocking stuffers or swaps or something. In case you can't tell, that's fabric quilted onto cardstock.

And, finally, pictures of my spinning attempts.

The ladies that taught me called this stuff "beast" because it's cheap and readily available. I kept thinking of Milwaukee's Best, which we called "Beast" in college for the same reason. Anyway, I'm still pretty rocky at this. My yarn is very "thick and thin" in quality and very fuzzy too, as you can see. But I like the way sometimes the yarn is all white, sometimes all black, and sometimes a twist of both. I have a bunch of roving in pretty blues and purples I will spin when I get more consistent. I think I have enough of the blues/purples to make a hat. Let's just hope I can spin it all before it gets warm again!

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