March 8, 2006

Michigan is COLD!

Greetings from Virginia-we're back! Our trip to Michigan was full of food, family, and fun. I felt like I needed a flow chart to keep who was who straight. My husband's grandfather is really neat. He is a metalcrafter and has done amazing things over the years, including a centerpiece for their local university. Out behind their house he has a barn where he does all his work, called the Golden Anvil. See all that snow? That was what we woke up to Monday morning. Grandpa really gets the "crafty" thing. He was explaining to me how he always had to have something productive to do, so he'd feel like he was accomplishing something. He also said that he liked being in his barn more on the days when the weather was bad-it's comforting. I totally get that. There is nothing better on a rainy day than a nice ball of wool, needles, and something hot to drink. I had a good time in Michigan, but I'm glad to be home. (Hello, it was like 60-something degrees today!) In knitting knews (hee, hee), I worked a LOT on Tubey, but it's still not done. I'll spare you another sleeves and a half-finished body picture. I tried to start knitting socks, but it was too much to try to figure out while visiting with everyone, so I put it away. I did find a cute yarn shop while in Michigan and picked up some Regia self-striping sock yarn in sand colors. So far for Pink Month I haven't picked up anything pink to work on! I'll get there though. I'm suffering from a bit of Olympic Whiplash-I worked on my PS Postcard tonight and didn't have a single urge for knitting. I'm going yarn shop hunting around Richmond this weekend with Beth so maybe I'll pick up something gorgeous and pink while out. If you are my Postcard swap buddy, look no further! Ok, I think the coast is clear. I finished the postcard and here are the final results. On the front of the card I used actual thread and really stitched the Project Spectrum title into it. I've never done that before and was pretty impressed with the way that turned out, even if it is a little uneven. As for the rest of the I wasn't super excited about it. Don't get me wrong, I like how it came out, but not my best work. The inside however, I love. I lined the inside of the card with a marbled pink paper, then used a punch to punch out the hearts. I then made a list of all the things I like that either have red/pink in the name, feature red/pink, or are colored red/pink. I hope my pal likes it and I can't wait to see hers!

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