March 1, 2006

March is Pink Month!

Yay, today is March 1st which means I can officially start something pink and un-Tubey and not feel guilty about it. Why, you ask? Because today is the official first day of Pink and Red month for Project Spectrum. I think I'm going to follow Lolly's lead on letting socks be a primary focus. I've never made socks, so we'll see how I feel about my first pair, but I'm super-excited about the prospect of them. I really like the Broadripple pattern from, but I think that might be a little complicated for my very first socks, so I might just do a straight stockinette or rib pattern. I'm still knitting away on Tubey (ugh), although thankfully I'm not suffering any alpaca/nose ring related problems like my pal Beth (see comments from last post). Tee-hee! Maybe I should will the alpaca-gods to continue to torment her nose ring so I can reap the benefits-that yarn is gorgeous! Just kidding, Beth. Even though what I want to do now is toss Tubey aside and cast on for yummy Neopolitan socks, I will stay on course. I'm about to do the brown stripe across the boobies, and then it's just miles and miles of ribbing left. Perfect for a long car ride where setting down DPN's at rest stops could prove devastating. Other exciting news? I was a winner selected at random for a Team First Sweater prize. I think it's some hand-dyed LB wool. If LB=Lion Brand, cool, I like (most) of their stuff. Hand-dyed is always amazingl too. I couldn't find a pic, so I'm not sure of the colors, but I will post a pic as soon as I get it. The Yarn Harlot announced on her blog that she is going to enter everyone into the prize drawing who participated in the Knitting Olympics-even if you didn't finish, and even if you didn't sign up online. All you have to do is send an email to gold2006ATyarnharlotDOTca and she will enter you. (It's an auto-response system, so you don't have to really say anything.) She hasn't revealed what the prize(s) will be yet, but based on the last ones she sent out you can bet they'll be awesome! I'll be keeping my fingers, eyes, and knitting needles crossed in the hopes I get a Harlot prize!

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