January 7, 2009

Here I am!

I'm thinking that I should just officially declare a vacation from blogging as my current post rate is about once every two months. :)

If there is anyone left reading this, I'm here to report that all is well.
Just a few quick photos to share
This was taken on my birthday, Nov 15th when I was 16 weeks along.

This one was taken at 20 weeks.

I am now 24 weeks and it's time for another photo! I'll probably get Doug to take one tonight, but I'm much rounder than that last one.

On Dec 23rd we had an U/S and discovered that we are expecting a little BOY on May 2nd (or thereabouts). I don't have any u/s pics to share though, forgot those. That night my husband decided to celebrate by totalling his car.

No, he wasn't drinking and driving or anything like that. He swerved a deer that ran out in front of him and drove through a fence. He's totally fine, but the car is obviously not. Ugh. It turns out that the day his mom found out she was expecting a boy his dad drove his car into the side of a mountain by falling asleep at the wheel. He is fine now too, but was pretty badly injured back then.

Anyhoo, all is well and hopefully I'll get a few more posts published before I have pictures of a real live baby to show you! In the meantime you can probably find me at my parents' house playing with my little brother's awesome Christmas present....Guitar Hero World Tour. SOOOO much fun!


Janette said...

Just checking up on you :)
Huggybear from Rav on the Karma boards

Diane said...

I'm guessing you are a new mamma now! Hope all is well!