August 4, 2008

Birthday Boy

Last weekend we did a little celebrating around here.

We were in a bit of a hurry to have cake and ice cream before a certain wokaholic had to take off for one of his many jobs, so we may have iced the cake a bit soon, what do you think?

Galen didn't seem to mind though, as it was just as yummy with the icing all over the place as it would have been if it stayed put.

(Yes, I am doing bunny-ears in the background. It's fun to act like a kid sometimes!)
During every spare second my sister Morgan was doing that familiar knitting dance, the "Just a few more rows and your present will be done!" dance.
She didn't quite make it happen, but she got really, really close.
After dinner we went outside to play with one of Galen's new birthday toys. Water balloons! We started by playing the classic toss-and-catch-and-try-not-to-get-soaked game, which quickly dissolved into an all-out water balloon war in which Galen and I pretty much ganged up on Mom. She was completely drenched from the shoulders down! I managed to pop a big one right over Galen's head when he wasn't looking. I, however, managed to stay relatively dry. I got hit with a few stray balloons here and there, but none of them did very much damage.
Lots of fun had by all! Happy Birthday Galen!

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