June 8, 2008


Today my sister Morgan paid me a visit for some yarny goodness time. She brought a duffel bag full of un-wound sock yarns that she wanted to wine into cakes using my swift and ballwinder. So we spent all afternoon doing this
And all our hard work produced this end result:
Left to right that's three skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk,two skeins Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock, two skeins Knitpicks Gloss, Socks that Rock (!!), Fly-dyed Monarch (this yarn was a pain in the patootie to wind...lots of knots), Peace Fleece, more Lorna's Lace and some Tess Designer Super Sock. This was not all of the yarn she brought to wind, but we ran out of time because the world's cutest nephew was delivered to my doorstep.

Adorable right? I know! He likes to "help" wind the yarn. I let him help wind one skein and he decided suddenly to wind it really fast and the whole thing literally flew off the ball winder across the room. Huge mess! So we decided that was the last skein we were going to wind.

Chance was a little bored with our chosen activity for the afternooon. He had his heart set on playing fetch in the backyard. Sorry buddy!

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She Knits Socks said...

Poor little Chance. He just wanted to help with the balls of yarn.