September 10, 2006

I. O. U.

I owe many apologies to many people out there. The past two weeks have been very crazy and hectic. I have had a few ups and a few downs. I will not dwell on the downs here, but will give you the highlights of the "ups". Since I have so many pics, I'll just let them do the talking. Let me start by giving a long overdue thank you to my Secret Pal! My super-aweseome secret pal was Shelley of She Knits She Rants . This was my final package from her-how cool is this? The cables edition of Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules, a bag of A&W Root Beer candy (yum!), a skein of DB Cashmerino Aran (to make Fetching, a pattern she sent but not pictured), and my FAVE needles in the whole world-Brittany Birch DPNs to make Fetching. Thanks a million, SP! This was my first ever Secret Pal, and it was a great experience.

Speaking of Fetching.....I had already bought a ball of navy Cashmerino to match my winter coat, but hadn't gotten the pattern or needles yet. I swear my SP is psychic! Since this picture was taken I have finished Fetching #1, and have yet to start on Fetching #2. Second Fetching Syndrome?

The dog kennel is coming along nicely......

I have never previously taken a "Saturday Sky" picture, but this one was too good to pass up. This is the view from my front yard, looking directly up.

On Friday, September 1st, Kayla Dorian was brought into this world weighing in at 8 lbs, 5 oz. and sporting a full head of this black hair. Congratulations to her proud parents, Shining and Ra!

Wednesday we went to see a baseball game. The St. Louis Cardinals played the DC Nationals at RFK Stadium.
We had a great time, despite this....

(I'm a bit of a Cards's those Missouri roots.)

We had a much easier time getting home than we did getting there. We had left with enough time to tailgate for an hour before the game. I HATE driving in DC. We took one wrong turn off the interstate and couldn't get back to the road we needed. We ended up asking 5 different people for directions on the street, including a cop who was in a hurry to stop a "jumper". (Hope that guy is ok!) Finally we had my mom google map it and walk us through getting there. We arrived just in time to see the 5th inning.

This technically wasn't a Saturday, but this sky was too good to pass up also. This was on the way home from the game on Wednesday. It reminded me of that saying, "every cloud has a silver lining".
Finally, to end my busy two weeks, I attended the wedding of our good freinds Kari and Brian. Congrats guys!


Jennifer said...

Wow! You've been crazy busy! Glad to see you back.

Kim said...

Wow, you've had a lot going on! Nice to see you blogging again!

I'm also working on fetching, but can't seem to get the darned pattern made out of one skein of yarn, and I refuse to buy more yarn for just the thumbs! Fun pattern though!