July 25, 2006

I have a problem....

I'm completely addicted to bloglines, and it's missing! I've been trying to log on all day. My internet was down for a day and a half and when it was finally repaired I immediately tried to get my fix. No Bloglines! ACK! I'm delirious without knowing what Wendy, Stephanie, and the gang are all knitting on today! What about any contests I may be missing? Or what if I won a prize on a contest that is being announced today and they don't have my email address? Ok, that might be a stretch.... Is anyone else having problems logging on? I used to keep a list of my blogs in my favorites list, but after using bloglines for months I deleted them.


In other news, I received two packages this week. A fab package from my super awesome secret pal and my July Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Swap package that came all the way from France! I'm remote blogging right now so I don't have pics to share, but that will come tomorrow. For all you Flop Swappers, less than one week to go. Have you mailed yours out? Have you received your package yet? If you have, and you have a picture of the goodies on your blog, link to it in the comments so we can all see all the fun everyone is having! To my pal: package to come soon.

Is blogines up yet? Nope. ::groan:: I guess I'll just go knit.


Tygher Knits said...

Odd, I'm not having any problems with bloglines. Are you having trouble with any other websites?

Could have just been lastnight too .. as it's 9 hours later ..

Jennifer said...

Try bloglines again. It's working for me.

I sent out my flip flop package yesterday! My pal should receive it soon.