May 23, 2007

Mason Dixon Madness

I have been completely smitten with knitting again. I go through these phases where I all I can think about is knitting all the time, and I'm smack in the middle of one again. I can NOT stop knitting miters!

This it the latest completed mega-square. I am working on a more neutral mega-square now. I'm not sure if all these opposite colors are going to make sense when I get them into blanket form later on, but only time will tell.

I got an SP package today in the mail! Thanks SP!

My SP is super-crafty. Last package she made me a gorgeous bracelet and a clipboard, and this go-round she sent me a needle holder. I hope she is getting spoiled as much as I am!

She also included four skeins of a gorgeous pink bamboo yarn. I've always wanted to try bamboo for knitting, thanks SP!

That's it for now. I may or may not have been temporarily broken from my miter spell to try out a Noni bag pattern.....more next time.

May 19, 2007

Back from Vacation

I'm back!! We just got back from Myrtle Beach for Bike Week. Here is the mandatory beach shot from the balcony. We had such a great time. There will be more pictues later, just a few to get you started though....
Doug got this tattoo while we were down there. Does it look like someone familiar? That's my King! Doug got this tattoo sort of as a tribute to our baby. He had been thinking about getting it before he died, and then that kind of sealed the deal. I am so impressed with how well it turned out, as is Doug.

Randomness: I made some mother's day necklaces for my mom and mother-in-law right before we left for the beach.

More pictures, and a less random post to come as soon as I'm done sorting out all the dirty laundry.

May 9, 2007


This is my vey modest yarn haul form this past weekend's Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I went with a very specific budget and I religiously stuck to it. Well.....maybe not too religiously. I think my food consumption was also supposed to stay within the budget, but we just won't speak of that. I forgot my camera in the car so I have no MDSW pics to offer you, only one of the stash aquisition. I did run into Lolly in line at the Tess booth. I went on Sunday, day 2, so I know I missed a lot of bloggers and a lot of crowds. I was less interested in waiting in line for the "good" yarns, and more about the experience of going, so I'm glad I went on Sunday instead of Saturday. I'm not even sure if there was any kind of blogger meet-up this year though. I didn't hear it mentioned on any blogs prior to the Festival.

The yarn is a skein of "Spectrum Colors Yarn" (appropriate, no?) in a beautiful autumn leaves color. Okay, so maybe I'm crazy but I am planning a pair of socks with this yarn. The weight is about right, the yardage is about right, it's just the fiber content I'm worried about. It is 100% silk. Has anyone made socks with silk before? I swear I'm crazy but I looooove the colorway. I was thinking of making the embossed leaves pattern from Interweave.

The book is an older Rowan magazine with some cute summer knits in it. I was especially drawn to the lace beaded slip dress on the cover. We'll see how that turns out. I've only knit one lace item in my life and I've never done anything with beads. Besides all that, my finishing rate for wearable items is low, especially a full body garment. But, think positive, right? It will have to be on the back burner for a while since I am currently so taken with miters! I just finished my sixth square today (sorry no pic) and need to run out tomorrow for some more purple yarn to make square number seven.